5 Ways The Real Estate Industry Won't Be The Same In The Future 2 weeks ago

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The Digital Revolution is affecting many businesses, and real estate is no different. Let's talk about how the real estate industry & real estate investing will be changing and what you can do to capitalize on it
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5 Ways The Real Estate Industry Won't Be The Same In The Future
0:09 - The digital revolution is affecting many different businesses and industries
0:39 - The way we buy and sell real estate is changing with the need for real estate brokers declining
2:09 - Shopping will never be the same - retail stores will need to provide experiences to attract new customers
3:36 - The shift in where we live for residential real estate investing - millennials and older people want to work and live in urban cities not suburbs
4:57 - The way we office - the growth of entrepreneurship has led to more shared office spaces. That's a big opportunity for real estate developers and real estate investors
6:00 - Real estate maintenance is changing with property managers using things like artificial intelligence
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