15 Things Poor People Do That the Rich Avoid 2 years ago

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There are things poor people do, and things wealthy people do, that are opposites. After all the years that I've had the chance to interview and work with poor and wealthy people, I've noticed some patterns. In this episode, Stephen and I discuss 15 areas we've found that poor people do things differently than the rich.

1. Fast food
2. Buying products on sale
3. Waking up time
4. Blaming others
5. Saveing money
6. Using credit cards
7. Spending money
8. Following through on ideas
9. Quitting
10. Entitlement
11. Do math
12. Having a plan
13. Excuses
14. Time management
15. Limiting beliefs

At the end of the video we share some strong opinions, and some empowering beliefs that can help break poor people habits.

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Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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