Wholesale Houses Step By Step Complete Ultimate Guide For Beginners (Free Training!) [2019] 7 months ago

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Today's video is all about wholesaling houses. This is what I consider the best guide out there on getting started into the business. I put together this video because so many people ask me how to get started! I have put together everything that I think is most important when you are getting started. Here is a quick outline of what I will cover in the video.

4:20 The Only Thing That I ask from you
6:11 The most Important Part of The Business
16:43 what is wholesaling
24:50 how to start
25:40 why people sell at a discount
26:38 how to find motivated sellers
30:24 seller script
37:06 Getting Lists Of Sellers Leads
41:55 Skip Tracing
45:52 Meeting With Seller
46:25 How To Run the numbers
47:20 Contracts
48:30 Earnest Money
50:00 Title Companies
51:30 Cash Buyers

The goal of this video is to get you more familiar with what wholesaling is and a tried and true process that you can follow to complete your first deal. My hope is that you learn and implement these steps into your real estate investing business. Get out there and start researching. Please let me know if you any questions!

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