What's Between You & Success? 3 Things you should do with EVERY Client & The Strategy of Preeminence 6 months ago

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What’s Between You and Success?
Hi I’m Rich Motts and welcome to Money Monday Session 140!
What’s Between You and Success?
Doing It!
Make those calls, Prospect, write those notes, Reverse Engineer your goals with what daily actions need to be done and keep a scoreboard of accountability on it!
In August of 2018 I was at The Annual Success Summit in Anaheim, California that Tom Ferry hosts. And I got to see the amazing Jay Abraham discuss the Strategy of Preeminence!
And you know I have a passion for discovering what’s on the consumers mind and meeting them where they are at, TRULY knowing their goals and knowing what really matters most to them!
The 3 things you should do with every client!
Ask Questions: Know how to ask GREAT Questions! Remember it’s not always the person in the room that has the most answers or knowledge that wins! It’s the person that asks the best questions!
Listen: How to LISTEN to the answers!
Be Interesting… Remember to be Interesting you must be interested in what the client is saying!
The Strategy of Preeminence…
Its focus is on the receiver and their best interest. It boils down to; “I’m not trying to sell you-I want to serve you.”
Example: This is the essence of customer advocacy selling- take the “I and we” out of your vocabulary and focus on the “you-the client”.

The Primary Basis for The Strategy of Preeminence Is A Keen Commitment To Empathy

Empathy is understanding in a very compassionate and respectful way how the “other side” in the transaction is feeling; how they see the situation (what their hopes, dreams and needs are.)

Preeminent Realtors or Sales People make sure when they communicate with a client or prospect that the client senses that their feelings are understood.

Decide not to be mediocre, average, reactive and you want to be a leader… It’s all about leadership in the BEST Interests of the client!
It entails 1st being able to express to a client in a way like they never heard verbalized before and the client goes… that’s EXACTLY what I want! That’s EXACTLY why I want it!
It’s helping them develop their buying criteria… and that’s not price or interest rates… I’m talking about what they want to buy and why… I’m talking about their future, it’s transcended… it’s saying this house is just not a house… this house is your Mecca for your joy, Fulfillment it’s the environment your children are going to be in… associated with other quality kids. It’s where you and your family are going to have your greatest joy, your sense of purpose! It’s going to be your greatest appreciating asset!
I mean you have to let them understand what they really want and why! And even if they want to buy something that will just serve them and you allow them to make that choice without 1st making them aware that they have better options and the consequences, then you are not pre-eminent! You’re selfish!
So is your business built upon having a clear and measurable degree of separation between you and the competition and elevating who you are?
Are you asking the GREAT Questions to your clients that separate you and show that you care the most about their needs?
Are you Listening to your clients answers and applying that to their buying or selling needs? And making sure they don’t buy too much or too little and the home truly meets their real desires?
And are you Interesting? Again for you to be interesting you must be interested in what your client is saying!