A Day In the Life of a Boston College Student 10 months ago

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Hello peeps! Today, I will be showing you what a day in my life is like as a student at Boston College. This particular day was somewhat busy for me :3

My name is Shan Rizwan :) I'm a sophomore at BC (tentatively) studying economics and computer science in the Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences with a minor in Marketing in the Carroll School of Management. At BC, I am an Residential Assistant (RA) as well as a executive board member of several clubs. In my spare time, I love making YouTube videos, singing/performing, and going on photoshoots.

Leave a comment down below if you have a question for me or a suggestion for a future video! Or anything you wanna say tbh.. And like the video if you enjoyed it!

Thanks for watching!


Instagram: @shanrizwan
Website: shanrizwan.com