6 Ways to Be Happy EVERY DAY! MM Session 156! 4 months ago

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What are 6 ways to be INCREDIBLY HAPPY EVERY DAY?
Hey I’m Rich Motts and welcome to Money Monday Session 156!
Remember that Business requires you to have 3 Major Elements inline…
Tom Ferry has written an EXCELLENT Book called Mindset, Model & Marketing that describes these 3 elements and gives you TONS of tips to grow your business!
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#1 is Mindset a positive, motivated mindset keeping your goals, aspirations and inspirations in focus at all times!
#2 Model: You need great models that are already successful for you to model and shape your business the way that they have created theirs!
#3 Marketing: you must have a strong Marketing plan with great CTA’s Call To Action and trackable results. Which then become proven results!
So what’s my point today?
My point is we need to start with a great Mindset and knowing the 6 ways to be INCREDIBLY HAPPY EVERY DAY is a great place to start!
So what are the 6 ways to be INCREDIBLY HAPPY EVERY DAY?
#1.) GRATITUDE: If you express Gratitude Every Day it will make you feel a little better but it doesn’t necessarily make you feel euphoric! However it does shift your perspective!
And there is a research that shows that if you express Gratitude on a daily basis for 30 days then your perception of your own happiness goes up 25%!!! It’s not about instant systems… It’s about Long Term Strategies… In the long term Gratitudes Raise your set points of Happiness.
Express Gratitude for things you are thankful for in your work life, your mission, your purpose, your personal life and the things you are grateful for in yourself!
Doing Gratitudes on a Daily basis help you raise your set points of Happiness!
#2 BEING PRESENT: The idea of being present is… In reality time is an illusion… there is no past and no future… Because most of the unpleasant feelings we feel have to do with either the future or the past! If we are scared or stressed it’s usually about something that may happen in the future! When you feel resentment or anger it’s usually about something that’s happened in the past. Negative emotions are usually rooted in the past.
However, HAPPINESS is the emotion you feel in the present! If you move happiness to the future it’s excitement! And if you move happiness to the past it becomes Nostalgia! But the TRUTH IS TRUE Pure JOY is in the present moment and only the present moment!
Remember to bring yourself back to the now to notice the happiness… then life may just pass you by without truly learning what is happiness!
#3 RELATIONSHIPS: There are a lot of people that think they don’t need anyone for Happiness and Happiness is within you. But if you’ve ever had a child sick, a parent sick, a fight with a person you love, a friend or a spouse… the you know it’s really hard for the wisdom of internal happiness to make sense. In these cases of circumstances or conflicts with the ones you love… It’s OK that you don’t feel happy!
Because you are a Social Being and what is I? Is I just your physical body or is I all of this? Does the perception of me include you or does it include only me? It’s OK to not feel good when somethings happening to someone you love. And you have to surround yourself with people you love, you care about and you’re attached to! Because science has proven that people in relationships are happier, healthier, heal better and live longer!
Social Isolation is an epidemic in today’s society! Social Media is making us forget what it is truly like to connect with each other! In fact it’s proven that social isolation is the #1 killer in today’s society!
Relationships are important for our happiness, health and longevity! The strength of your social relationships’ is super important for happiness!