How I Started Investing In Real Estate In My 20's 9 months ago

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Ever since I was small, I wanted to own my own real estate. I thought I was going to have my first apartment when I was 25, but I am now 21 and already own 3 apartments, which is something mind blowing for me.

I am no real estate expert or whatsoever, but I believe I made some smart moves that allow me to be now the owner of some apartments and the future owner of more.

I think you have to first focus on your business and in accumulating capital before you start investing in anything. Once you have enough money, you can start thinking about diversifying and creating passive income streams.

However, don't invest everything you have. I would suggest personally that you have the money to buy the real estate of your choice (property, house, apartment, etc.) cash, even if you are getting a loan for it. This way, you can also assume the possible risk of delayed rent payments, apartments without any renters, without having to struggle and stress over it. It also helps you to stand on your feet financially and not having to start from scratch every time you invest.

Hope you got some value in this, my real estate journey is just starting, but I really suggest you invest as well. It is a very stable and tangible passive income stream that will allow you to generate money on the long term.

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